MBS Compatable Connectors

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UltrAspire Ionize Minimalist, MBS Connector piece with a single 8oz (0.24 liter) Human bottle..
EUR 35.00 EUR 15.00
Ex Tax: EUR 12.40
UltrAspire Atom Small elastic mesh contoured belt pouch with flat profile expandable stretch ..
EUR 25.00 EUR 12.50
Ex Tax: EUR 10.33
UltrAspire Cell Contoured mesh belt with large capacity elastic mesh pouch, internal flat div..
EUR 28.00 EUR 14.00
Ex Tax: EUR 11.57
UltrAspire Electron Belt with elastic mesh holder for energy gel or other small bottles. Wate..
EUR 29.00 EUR 15.00
Ex Tax: EUR 12.40
UltrAspire Peptide A sweet minimalist piece for a supported race or shorter run where just an..
EUR 26.00 EUR 13.00
Ex Tax: EUR 10.74
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